With Creator Vatsl Seth, Journalist Ankur Sharma , SEC News Mumbai Friends today we are in this area in Mumbai called Bandstand where love birds sit and express their love, as you can see in front of us the way these people are running away But theres one couple among them thats not here to express their love Instead come here to talk about match fixing Look at that girl in green whos running bare foot Shes sits here fixes cricket matches We got to know about her location when she called SreeShanth from her phone See how they are running away from us Friends today we are going to show you a couple, Who are dangerous terrorists And have entered our country through this sea route Right now they are sitting among people as if they havent done any crime But they are very deadly and dangerous criminals Come friends lets talk to them and find out what their intentions are We are from SEC news and want to know why you have crossed the border and entered our country What are your intentions? Why have you entered our country through the sea route? This Guy and this girl are in love with each other But this girl had an obsessed lover who loved her very much but this guy couldnt accept the fact that someone else loves this girl Thats why they both made a plan to kill that guy Look how agitated he is when we are giving you this news They are not ashamed of that crime at all Im really scared, Hope they dont have a bomb with them or a gun With which they can harm us But friends only because of you, SEC news will find out what their intentions are Im telling you last time, Dont mess with me or something wrong will happen They have just openly threatened us Sir can you please step down and talk to us Im ashamed to call you ma'am and sir but still can you come down in front of the camera and talk to us Tell us why you did that crime and killed that guy with stones were you not ashamed at all by doing all this? did you see? Now shes threatening to kill us Im scared that she might just throw stones and kill me also So lets find out about their experiences in India and in mumbai Indian people are very nice and thats the deepest thought I could share with you Calling India and Indians Nice, These foreigners These are the same foreigners who stole kohinoor diamond from India Yes friends these are the same foreigners who stole kohinoor diamond from us and till date they havent returned our diamond for 100 years they ruled us, Made us their slaves and today again they are in our country for a vacation but friends we have a big heart that today also we welcome them with an open heart Because guests are god So youre a flight attendant? So friends did you see, They both are flight attendants But friends both of these girls are in love with each other and to make their love succesful Today theyv made a plan to hijack the plane Hi Guys, Thanks for watching this video I hope you guys liked the video Please do like this video, Press the thumbs up button and tell us in the comments section how you liked this video please share this video as much as possible and friends please SUBSCRIBE to our channel SO EFFIN CRAY Dont focus on them, They are our thumbnail, they Will leave in some time.