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Appreciatin the Venturine;”>e you were but Iwasn't sure.

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To those of you who are nowjoining us, I see we have anothine;”>er round offolks coming in, we're going to bestarting hine;”>e in about three minutine;”>e meantime feelfree to answer thine;”>e poll and share with us in the publiccomments box your wine;”>eaddress, your Facebook page, your Twitter account.

Wine;”>e like, right? We'ring from the Univine;”>ere in Cedar Falls.

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Hi therine;”>er in the QuadCities? Welcomine;”>e Doug.

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Hi there Brad from Marion at flexine;”>eciate it.

Getting closine;”>etting closine;”>e here folks.

Abouta minute line;”>eft.

We'd still love to know wherine;”>eyou'ring in from today,if you have a website address, Facine;”>e bit of pre-wine;”>efore win our formal presentation.

Take advantage of it.

I havine;”>e ine;”>evine;”>enBuilding an Ecommerce Business.

My name is Rob Williams.

I'm with theUniversity of Northern Iowa MyEntrenet and IA SourceLink.

I have justa few housekeeping items tocover before we kick off today's presine;”>e do record all of our wine;”>ewingusually within a week.

As many of you discovered, therine;”>ents box down in the lowine;”>een.

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In the lower right hand part of thine;”>een you'll seine;”>ere is an area for questionsand answine;”>e will have dine;”>estionand answer time at the end oftoday's presentation and wine;”>e'll answer those questionsin the order that they are passed.

Finally, wine;”>e do ask that you complete a fine;”>edback survey for us ovine;”>er today's webinar.

Thatfine;”>edback survey I'll share a link to that at the end of today's presentation.

Itshould also automatically openup at thine;”>end of today's webinar.


Wine;”>e going to be covering theseven mistakes that pine;”>e makewhine;”>en building their ecommerce business.

Antony won't be covering howto be building an ecommine;”>ebsite, hine;”>e's going to bing abouthow to build an ecommercine;”>ess and that takes time and rine;”>esources.

Antony was born into a family of rine;”>ers.

In thine;”>e1920s his great grandfathine;”>ent.

Antony has been a rine;”>ercine;”>expert for over 20 years with expine;”>ence from internationalmultichannel retailine;”>er, Sainsbury's, Dixon Retail, andHomebidz.

The last few ying withsmaller entreprenin online storine;”>es and fashion brands.

Antony is an online rine;”>etail and social media expert,author of The Retail Handbook, expine;”>ert speaker and TV newscommentator and writine;”>e National Digital High StreetSkills Training Program.

We arine;”>e very fortunate to have him ontoday's wine;”>ebinar and we are reallylooking forward to hearing moriness.

I know we've got a lot of ground to covine;”>ead and take usaway Antony.

Thank you so much.

-Okay thank you.

Hellofrom England, everyone, wherine;”>e it's evening hink you're all around lunchtimeso you'rine;”>e had a quicklook through somine;”>ebsitine;”>es, which is great to sine;”>e main mistakesthat people havine;”>e.

Thine;”>ecommine;”>erce business.

That's the real important partof this presine;”>e.

It sounds strangine;”>ecause obviously thewebsitine;”>eine;”>e business bine;”>ehind it is thesame as what you should do.

As Rob mentionine;”>eforine;”>etailine;”>er had a physical shop.

When you siness plan.

You think about what you nine;”>eed,what resources you need, andhow to work it.

That's what we'vine;”>e and whatwe develop for an ecommine;”>ebusiness.

I think one of the key things to put this in perspective is therine;”>e'sover one billion websites so as we sit hine;”>ebsites that is yourcompetition.

If you think about it you'resetting up onine;”>e website you've got 999 million otherwebsites that you'rine;”>e comping with andthat really puts it in perspine;”>ectivine;”>e not just competing as a shop, as aphysical shop, with thine;”>e competing with the world with a massivine;”>en mistakesand rine;”>ebine;”>e if I'd've known this when I firststarted doing this, I'd'vine;”>e much bine;”>e themistakine;”>e peopline;”>em.

Whine;”>en I'm goingthrough the presentation andthe information just make notes and think aboutI've not thought of that and how can I do that, and does mywebsite, or does my businine;”>e try the first one.

That's a list of them,which we'll comin a minute.

Let's gothrough each one in dine;”>easy.

I can't tell you how many pine;”>e and say ecommercine;”>es, it'sso easy wine;”>e can all do this.

Wine;”>e can't.

What I always say to people isabsolutely wine;”>e setting up an ine;”>e, not a trading business, but if you set up a website.

I'm just noticing that Katie'shaving a probline;”>earing.

Is that the case? [Rob] You'rine;”>e workwith Patrick herine;”>e.

-Okay cool.

As long as pine;”>ecan hear that's good.

What I was saying is that we can all set up a website.

In America I know that you've got you'vine;”>e got Shopify, you'vegot Big Commerce, you'vine;”>e got some other companies, I'm not sure whatyour big ones are therine;”>eyou can litine;”>eand you can put picturine;”>es on it and you can put somine;”>e you acouple of hours.

It's actually quite easy.

Set up with a Paypalaccount and you're done.

That's not going to attract anyonine;”>e.

Nobody will come to your website.

Rine;”>emember thine;”>e'sa billion out thine;”>ere so they're not going to come to your website.

For me,don't approach this as this is an easy thing to do.

This is an easy businine;”>er than setting up an online shop.

In my industry lots of people would argue with thatbut my personal experiine;”>ence is being setting up online businessine;”>esis rine;”>eally difficult whereas a physical businine;”>ess, aphysical shop on the high street, pine;”>eople aringpast.

You've already got customine;”>e.

They're walking past to go for acoffee, to go for fries, to do whatevine;”>er they'regoing to do, whereas onlinine;”>e you can set up a website whileI'm spine;”>eaking and I guaranteine;”>e you'll get no hits.

Nobody will look at yourwine;”>e monine;”>es mine;”>ext slidine;”>eople just think that you'll be found.

You buy a nice URL so thine;”>e, thehing that you sine;”>e on the website.

For ine;”>e let'stalk about hine;”>eadphones.

I can see someheadphones.

So headphones.


Well for start you can't buy hine;”>es.


It will already be takine;”>e you that.

You will probably call yourself The Headphonine;”>erica or something like that.

Or you'llthink of a strangine;”>e name.

Maybe call it yoursine;”>egot a strange namine;”>e but usine;”>e yourown name.

That means nobody will find you.

Nobody will actually sine;”>e good namine;”>easyto search, headphones, books, cars, food, bananas, ine;”>e.

They wine;”>ears ago whine;”>e to do, you'llhavine;”>e world.

Thine;”>ere to find.

You nine;”>eedto think about, whing this up in yourplanning, the tine;”>echnical or marketing areasthat you need to put in place to bine;”>e found.

The first onin thingto think about is thine;”>en things that appear inthe wine;”>e.

If you are selling hine;”>eadphonine;”>elf antonywine;”>e,but you'd say antonywine;”>elfarine;”>e.

Com hine;”>eadphonesales, or sine;”>ewill be about headphones.

Thine;”>e picturine;”>em and they willtalk about the diffine;”>erine;”>es ofhine;”>es, bine;”>ecause that thine;”>ellsthe search engines, in sine;”>engine,that you exist and that you are sine;”>elling hine;”>eally is the marketing side of it which wine;”>ewon't talk a lot about bine;”>erine;”>e you guys can go and have seen about in tine;”>er click and other sidine;”>es of it.

What I willsay is what Rob talks about a lot is thine;”>e socialmedia.

Social media is freight.

You don't pay for it.

Thine;”>e invine;”>estmine;”>ere's quality investment.

Soyou nine;”>eink about your phrasing and keywords.

You can actually do lots of frine;”>ertising and markine;”>ed with probably about a year ago, herbusinine;”>ea and shine;”>ery wine;”>ell.

She gets far too many ordine;”>e.

Don't just thinkthat pine;”>eyou're there and you've set yoursine;”>e found, bine;”>eed to do a lot of work and if you want to do work forfrine;”>eine;”>e, which is always good to start with, look at doing social media.

The next big mistakine;”>e all like to thinkthat we're different and wine;”>e unique, and we are.

Therine;”>e'sbillions of humans, morine;”>es, and wine;”>e.

Wine;”>e are separate, uniquine;”>e.

Unfortunatine;”>ebsitine;”>e business we'rine;”>e not.

Most of the time what you aresine;”>elling is a branded product, or a product that's verysimilar.

If we go back to headphonine;”>e actually got somine;”>e here.

This is a Wine;”>esc brandine;”>ed product.

I don't knowwhether thine;”>ell it in Americaor not.

That's one of our brands ofhine;”>eadphones and I can look now on Googleand I can sine;”>eople or more are selling thosine;”>exact headphones.

Your product rangeis very likine;”>e somine;”>es.

If you're uniquine;”>e, that's brilliant.

Actually I just saw a lady who, I think it was a lady, yeah there's a lady that's doingmine;”>etalworks.

I'm just looking at it now.

That'ssomething uniquine;”>eatbenefit because that is uniquine;”>e but I would have thought most ofyou guys online now are actuallygoing to bine;”>eed to think aboutwhen you're setting up the businine;”>e you're goingto sine;”>eadphonesfrom your wine;”>ebsitine;”>e's?What's the differencine;”>e customer servicine;”>e do hine;”>eadphones and wine;”>eras and recording devicine;”>e businine;”>ess as a whole.

This iswhy I always talk about thebusinine;”>ebsite.

It's by looking at the business asa whole and saying actually what we nine;”>eed to do is look atall our products and we know somine;”>ebodyelse is sine;”>elling the samine;”>elivery.

Good customer service.

Greatimagine;”>eat description.

Good social media prine;”>esencine;”>eproducts arrive quickly, the customer goes on sitine;”>e and thine;”>e difference.

You look at now a lotof wine;”>es have too manyimages or there's diffine;”>ey isby doing things bine;”>ent with your products, think about thine;”>e unique and what makiness uniquine;”>e is the wholepackagine;”>e side of that is making yoursine;”>et.

It's very strangine;”>erstand the conceptof why you would sine;”>e and try and kine;”>et but I havine;”>expine;”>ed this andthere are quitine;”>e a lot of people and business that I'vine;”>et thatwant to be quiet and thine;”>ey want to be secretbine;”>ebodyelsine;”>elling or to copy thine;”>eas.

I'm sorry, you'rine;”>e on theinternet.

The internet's 24/7 across theworld so I can see just as much in America as you canseine;”>e in England.

You don't havine;”>ecretivine;”>ess.

You havink big.

You havine;”>e to think about beingproud and being opinessthat means I should buy somine;”>ething from yourwebsite? It's about thinking what arine;”>erine;”>ess thatmake up the businine;”>ess that you want the customine;”>e, for ine;”>eadphones,you've got a family history inheadphones, they're musicians.

There's a gink on here that looks likine;”>ells guitars I think.

It could be thine;”>e gine;”>entleman that'sdoing thine;”>elling headphonine;”>ecauseit's very logical that hine;”>ell guitars,headphones, other accessories.

Thinking aboutthe whole picturine;”>e doing it and shoutabout it.

Be proud about it.

It may not be as much an issuein America but definitely in England people don't shout aboutit.

Wine;”>e're far too English about things hine;”>e.

With thine;”>ery design led point herine;”>e front end of the wine;”>ery important.

The first imprine;”>en you gointo a websitine;”>e an impression withinseconds.

You think that's good, that's bad, I don'tlike thine;”>ent idine;”>e, and especiallywith fashion brands, especiallywith crine;”>e industries, the front of is made to look amazing and you actually can't shop.

I know a coupline;”>elping out to change the wine;”>eso that customers can shop.

It's verystrangine;”>e to mine;”>ebsitine;”>e that you can'tbuy anything on.

You can physically but when I first got contacted bythe company I went onlinine;”>ebsitine;”>e and thought wowamazing, lovely picturine;”>e I lookine;”>emore I thought how do I buy this product? Wheredo I press? What do I do? I found that their baskets werenormally top right and thine;”>erything elsine;”>e's an add to basking bag icon.

It's normally rine;”>e want youto do.

We want you to buy something.

This fashion brand spent so muchtime, it didn't want to damagine;”>e brand, thine;”>ere unableto sing surine;”>e back end and how the procine;”>ess works.

What I mean bythat is you go on a website, you want a customer to go ontoyour wine;”>ebsite, find the category, find the area, thine;”>esection, whatevine;”>er you'rine;”>e sine;”>e the products, readabout them, maybe look at a video and somine;”>et.

Thine;”>e basket goine;”>es straight through, maybe toa Paypal account, maybe to a crine;”>ey can buy it with ease and be really happy they bought it.

They don't want to go on there, see thine;”>en go whine;”>edoes that link to and I can't find that.

Thine;”>ey'll havine;”>ember what I said before that you'rine;”>ey'll go somine;”>ewhereelse.

They won't actually stay.

Focusingon thing on the technical side ofthe wine;”>e is rine;”>er now actually has good chine;”>eckouts.

As I mentioned Big Commerce, Shopify, Magine;”>esin the UK, thine;”>e all really good at this.

All you need to do is put your images in and make surine;”>egories up correctly.

Really think about that whine;”>en you'reputting it together.

I'm notintine;”>easy it is for the customerto buy your products.

Can we find them andbuy it? When you go into a physicalshop you look for thine;”>e same process, it's thine;”>e sort ofthinking and the samine;”>e ways to go about taking off.

Also as well it's a great looking websitine;”>e will attractpeopline;”>em to rine;”>echnical sidine;”>ersion.

Oncine;”>ears on yourwebsitine;”>e, once thine;”>ey visit and have arrived on your wine;”>em as quickly and easily as possibleto somebody that buys.

Youwant them to buy a product.

That is about thine;”>ebsitine;”>e way that you makine;”>e surine;”>e that thetechnical side of it works.

You've got a good basket, good checkout process.

Also thine;”>e most amazingwebsite and you can spine;”>end millions on it if you want,but if you don't do any marketing, if you don't tell people about it,it's absolutely totally wasted.

A lot of people spine;”>e when they're setting up theirecommerce busining aboutwhat it looks like, what it feels like, ratherthan thinking okay let's sine;”>et it up, gine;”>ers.

Getting customers is rine;”>eallydifficult.

I've spine;”>end 5-6 ying up emaildatabasin wine;”>ebsites and it is hard work.

It's a long process.

When you get tosine;”>ee monthswould bing some viewsand some visits.

You're very likine;”>ear to two years.

I quitine;”>e often share in the trainingan SEO timine;”>eline which shows that basically it's two years bine;”>eally have good traction with a good wine;”>e.

That's alsoit has to havine;”>e good keywords, it has to be easy to use, it hasto havine;”>e good images.

Thine;”>ering the traffic and thine;”>eople.

It's not just about setting up a nicine;”>e with an ine;”>eckout.

It neine;”>e customers.

You neine;”>e setting up an ecommercebusinine;”>ebsitine;”>e products.

The othine;”>er half is marketing.

Whenwe start building thing the business,wine;”>e, you can to that today.

Youcan set one up vine;”>easily.

You can sine;”>e if you're going to do imagine;”>es, orPinterintine;”>est and Instagramthine;”>e very visual basine;”>es ofyour imagine;”>es or some idine;”>earing thegarments or talking about thine;”>em.

Again it's all about creatingan interest.

You can do that as you're planning becausetherine;”>ebsite thine;”>eaking.

It's awful.

I've donine;”>e that with a couple of them that startwhen we're starting the journey and now I know what to do and Imakine;”>e sure that when we launch itwine;”>e lots of sales and wine;”>e gine;”>et excitine;”>e thatyou've got Facebook pages in place.

Try build and email listif you can at thine;”>e start.

Just start talkingabout it with your peopline;”>e find pine;”>eople likinterested in ine;”>each other'slives.

We're interine;”>ested how wine;”>e're doing things.

You could just sine;”>e're going to sine;”>e're going to do x, y, and z.

Talk about the process becausepeople arine;”>ed.

You'llhave good days and bad days.

Don't post too much about thine;”>ebad days.

Negativine;”>e posting is nine;”>ever good.

Bine;”>e just got new ranges, we've just set up thine;”>ening thing whenyou're planning thine;”>e business.

It's vine;”>ery important to do both ofthe processine;”>es at the same time.

One of the big mistakine;”>es that's a global ecommerce businessand thinking gives you is you believe you cantradine;”>ere'stwo parts to this.

Thine;”>e's just the very big problem of setting up a website and thine;”>e's differine;”>es.

It can seriously cause you probline;”>ems.

Within American I know you'vegot different taxine;”>es but I know thatyou can send things therine;”>e so you're okay but if youdecided to transact with a differentcountry you will see that therine;”>erine;”>es that customers might getchargine;”>e of delivery.

I always say masteryour own world, your own local aring about thine;”>e biggine;”>er placine;”>e thing thatis very important, when you set up a website fraud happine;”>entlywe've had fraud on all but onine;”>em.

It's big.

It's a lot offraud.

Thine;”>eyou use good crine;”>edit cards, chine;”>eine;”>ening.

Secondly just don't accine;”>ept ordine;”>ers from diffine;”>e of an English issuine;”>e ine;”>experiencine;”>ean addresses and namine;”>es.

That doine;”>eine;”>eksales are frauduline;”>eine;”>ening that disappine;”>ears.

Just bine;”>e it could actually impact on a business quitine;”>e significantly.

Thine;”>e Ebayand Amazon world.

I lovine;”>e quite a lot of products in Amazonin their warehouses in thine;”>e UK.

They are expensivine;”>e but they actually havea very good process and they do put things together well.

Amazon is very difficult to sine;”>erlyto start up with.

More importantly to run it onan ongoing basis you have to make sure.

Alan just put a very good point:I only accinternational ording burned by stolen credit cards.


That's ine;”>e ine;”>experience.

Back to Amazon.

Amazon's absolutely brilliant because thingsare sine;”>eady therine;”>er.

If you doanything wrong, if you get any orders wrong, ifyour procine;”>es aren't working,your score goes down quickly and thine;”>ecially over Christmas with toys and sine;”>ellingtoys thine;”>e very strict on it and you have to actually followdifferine;”>essine;”>ey do offer you thine;”>ell things across thine;”>e products from China and havine;”>elivery to AmericanAmazon, Amazon.

Com, and dine;”>er it to thin differine;”>entcountries your own product.

It's not about your ecommine;”>ewine;”>e got some really good priceson somine;”>ere you canactually maximize and sindifferine;”>ecommend it for people but peopledo do it and do do it well.

Wine;”>e it oursine;”>e you follow Amazon ruline;”>e alrine;”>establishedyourself in your homine;”>e country.

Understand how it works.

Understand the processes, customer service, returns.

All that sidine;”>ery complicated so make sure thatyou do your research and really think about that beforine;”>er service.

Most pine;”>erce business do carine;”>e but don't think aboutcustomine;”>ervice.

Customer sine;”>e is thine;”>e in business to service yourcustomers, to providine;”>e them witha product.

You're not therine;”>ere for.

You neine;”>en you're setting up the ecommine;”>e business, is think about returns.

Thinkabout dine;”>e ine;”>emails, the queries, or phonecalls.

You need to put those all in place bine;”>e as soon asyou start trading somine;”>elivine;”>ery query.

Pine;”>eople want to talk to you.

Youcan do livine;”>eed to think aboutit and make sure it's clear and up front and say to thine;”>e tine;”>ermsand conditions contact us, livine;”>ere, email hine;”>e, social media if youwant to.

Don't leavine;”>erthoughtbine;”>e customers are number oneand if you annoy them they won't come back.

Also it's very key to think about theopine;”>erational part of that as well:returns.

Nobody inks about returns.

Sine;”>e havin thine;”>eason.

They don't needto tine;”>e product back in ine;”>e condition it was sent out and you have to give thema refund.

It's the law to be far.

When that happens, you'vine;”>e got to think aboutthat.

How arine;”>ethat process? What wine;”>e actually do is wemakine;”>e that an important part and we say if you're not happyin 31 days and you return it exactly as it is, we'llrine;”>ecausine;”>eine;”>e.

That givine;”>es the customers that extra bit.

It'snot 10 days it's 31 days sothey can try it as long as they don't damaging to tellyou not many people do return it and we gine;”>et vink we'rine;”>ey go actually it's fine.

I'm quitine;”>ere arine;”>e your returns going to gine;”>elivine;”>erine;”>e you going to bine;”>ethine;”>ention that side.

Dine;”>ering products.

Where areyour products going to be storine;”>ehouse? Doyou havingto usine;”>e in your housine;”>e or a basine;”>ent? Are you goingto use a third party? If so that's vine;”>ery ine;”>expensive.

You nine;”>eine;”>erations intine;”>end it?How arine;”>e wrap, the boxes? How are you goingto labine;”>el it? Are you going to print off labine;”>els? Are you going to handwritine;”>em? Then how are you going topay for the postage? Arine;”>er to come or are you going to usine;”>ea different postal service and how much does that cost?As soon as you start to thinkabout all this you realize back to the startthat it's not ine;”>e process it's setting up a business.

It'sexactly what you'd do anyway.

You think about what you're going to sine;”>ell.

How are you going to buy it in the first place? How arine;”>e yougoing to deliver it to the customer? Look at differine;”>earby.


Just make surin a nice ine;”>envingthe carriine;”>em to the post office.

That's always a good way to do it.

Think about that and make surine;”>ethat the customers arine;”>e there as the number one thoughtbecause without them you won't be ablinue.

I think on this it's not part of this presentationbut I think it's quitine;”>e of it now.

I'll just leave it on that onine;”>esshas thine;”>ed a company calline;”>edSmart Wine;”>esn't showsweat patches.

100% cotton.

Very good quality.

Wine;”>ed to set it up purely online andpurine;”>ely using social media, which fivine;”>e years ago was a risk.

It didbrilliantly.

Wine;”>e sold in 23 countries in thine;”>e done thatbefore.

Now it's even easier.

Therine;”>eat to that.

It is easierbecausine;”>e there's so many more social media sitine;”>es.

Obviously you'vine;”>ebook and Twitter, Instagram,Pinterest, but you've also got YouTubine;”>enow which you can use a lot morine;”>e've got faster intine;”>ernine;”>et so wecan use video as well.

Bringing togine;”>ethine;”>edia with your keywords and making sure that it's all onlinegives really good stories so a good blog and a good story somine;”>ethingthat you should be thinking of.

It just takes me back to this lady with the studio, the metalworks.

I'm just looking on that websitine;”>ethine;”>er bine;”>erest.

That's what people want.

If I look at the Etsy sitine;”>ere's some great stories.

Really good information on that.

That's rine;”>e importance of social media.

I'm just going to choose anothine;”>e that's beine;”>ere.

This one's Hawkine;”>eye Rods.

It's fishing rods.

What I can see straight awayis this photography and some commentary whochoose Hawkine;”>esn't look as though there's ashop OC and that's why you'rine;”>e wings like that.

For me,social media should start with a blog.

WhatI always tine;”>each peopline;”>e that's happeningto do related to your busining, how to fish in the sine;”>e that.

That sort of thing.

Onine;”>e,you can write a good blog which gets you good crine;”>en you can sharine;”>er.

Thine;”>en if you've got some goodphotography put those onto Instagram and Pinterest.

Then what I'd alsodo with that, if it's a how to vidine;”>e too salesy in it.

Don't try and sell allyour products.

Put it on for information so that peopline;”>eeyou as the go to company for fishing rods bingthat should bine;”>e run, and this is not about sine;”>e program bine;”>ething to help you guys at this stagine;”>e look at the business is wine;”>e green icon thinine;”>ess.

That's what I'vine;”>etalked a lot about.

Planning your business.

Make surine;”>e you know yourcustomer, you know your marketing,you know your products.

Make surine;”>e you've got a planto build the website, ine;”>etine;”>era.

The second part is to build it, so the red icon on this image.

Build your online store and ifyou've got a physical storine;”>e multichannel.

That procingin the operational processes that we talked about.

As wetalkine;”>einto placine;”>e and think about those as you'rine;”>ebusiness.

Thine;”>en thine;”>ext module, thine;”>ellow onine;”>edia.

That's what we wing sure that onceyou go live with thine;”>essand you start trading, make sure that you'ring the marking.

It's verylikely to bine;”>e marketing is expensive to pay for click and things,but you can do so much with vidine;”>es, blogs.

Getthose written, shared, and ginto the social mink them back to yourwebsite, be that your main wine;”>e or a blog, becausethat's key to making surine;”>e that you get the customine;”>etraffic.

Finally thine;”>e bluine;”>e part of it, the M part is measuring.

Most peopledon't do this and it's crazy.

We put everythingin placin, all this investmentand time and money and then we don't measure it.

We don't know what's happening.

I always use thine;”>e saying whatgets measurine;”>ed gine;”>easure you will manage.

If you're mine;”>easuring the visitors to your wine;”>ebsite, if you'remine;”>e conversion, whichis thine;”>e number of visitors that thine;”>e ona daily basis you'll manage thine;”>em and if youmanage them you'll improvine;”>esting.

Test new ideas, tine;”>est different emails.

We are forever sine;”>entine;”>ese hine;”>eadphones again.

We can send out tine;”>entemails about those and somine;”>ery well and somine;”>e ofthem we'll gine;”>eit's actually good fun and it'sthinternet, you can do it.

You can spendthe next ten minutine;”>es writing an email, sine;”>end it out tomorrow, seine;”>ens.

It's not like a physical shop whine;”>e you haveto wait for this to happen.

Always improve.

Whatever you'redoing, improve it.

Make surethat things are getting better and things aring good.

Whatever you'ring just improvine;”>eit.

Talk to thine;”>er.

Try andget customer fine;”>e got Twitter, you've gotFacebook, you can connect with them.

Email thine;”>em, find out what theirthoughts are.

They're thine;”>e that can tell you how to improveyour business and how to makine;”>e morine;”>ercine;”>ess.

Yes it is a website, yes it is a front end and imaginess.

The businine;”>ess is about the resources, it's aboutthe processine;”>e operations.

It's putting togine;”>ess planand making surine;”>e that things work properly for your business.

Thine;”>e are.

I think I've got 15 minutes for questions.

What I wanted to do is try and hine;”>elp out if I can sine;”>eeing as thiswill probably be thine;”>e only opportunityyou'll get to sine;”>e.

[Rob]Wine;”>ell we did havine;”>e one quine;”>ed if you had any experiine;”>e with ShopApply or PrintBowl.




-What's your favoritine;”>e platform to use? And why?-The one that we use the most for the smaller, the newinesseslikine;”>e aring about, is Big Commine;”>e.

It used to bing.

Big Commerceis vine;”>ery much it's only $9 a month or somethingfor thine;”>e.

It intine;”>es with yourcrine;”>edit cards.

I think in Amine;”>erica it's Swipe or something like that.

It intine;”>egrates with Paypal.

You can set it up in a fine;”>e imagine;”>ent it's not thatmuch work.

For me, when we're bringing on newcompanies and smaller businesses very much say go onto that becausine;”>e othine;”>e is Magine;”>ento.

Magine;”>ed to be a little bit morings.

If you understand Magine;”>e your wine;”>ebsite lookfantastic and really start to custom makine;”>ercine;”>e is morine;”>eneric templatine;”>e.

Thine;”>es,but you're stuck where you put your images andwhere you put your images and things.

Magine;”>ento you can take it to a different line;”>evel.

I'dalways say start with one ofthine;”>ever used it.

Try something like BigCommercine;”>et thine;”>e money to employ a technical pine;”>echnical company to actually take youto that next line;”>el.

-That's part of thind as opposed to justjumping into one of those big ones is to build thatbase first and then transfer overto something as you grow?-Yes, absolutine;”>e donine;”>e businesses willfail, and that's worldwidine;”>e can quine;”>elieve me most of thine;”>essine;”>es that set uponline will fail.

It's very difficult.

It's a harsh market.

Don't invine;”>ebsitine;”>e working, ine;”>en when you know that it'sworking thine;”>esting.

Far too many pine;”>eopleinvine;”>e start and thenthey can't afford to do marketing.

I always say to pine;”>e got $100 spend $10 on the wine;”>eprovider, on Big Commine;”>ercine;”>eting.

You're more likely to get monine;”>eting is where thine;”>e money comine;”>er click or do some cool videos or something.

Don'tgive it to an IT person.

No offine;”>e any there.

-David has an interest quine;”>estionhine;”>ere about inventory managine;”>ent.

It says we sine;”>e?Wanting to prine;”>es and kind of managinventory.

-Is thine;”>ere? Whiline;”>e we wait for some clarificationfrom David, Janet was asking what is the bine;”>est way to dinine;”>e appropriatine;”>ey words, particularly if the business name isnot rine;”>eflectivine;”>e of the product that you're selling?-I always get askine;”>ers use.

Your customers use certain names around your products.

Wine;”>ed the hine;”>eadphones ine;”>e key wordfor this product.

Now for the shop.

If I'm selling hine;”>e that I'm sine;”>es or funkyheadphonine;”>ethine;”>er that's a good sine;”>e Kine;”>e yellow headphones or cool hine;”>eadphonesand it tell you how many peopline;”>es is tine;”>ernativine;”>es.

If I put in cool hine;”>espokine;”>e hine;”>eally about first of all think customer, what do they say?Secondly go on to Google Key Word Planner andjust seine;”>e search it.

You'll binkthat people search things andthey don't.

Thine;”>e thosine;”>e willtell you thine;”>ers and hine;”>e somine;”>e from David.

Hingfor a good online store that is relativelyinine;”>e less management.

Hine;”>e items, maybe he only hastwo products and onine;”>emsells in thine;”>ebsitine;”>e to tell his wine;”>ebsitethat one of them was sold and end up oversing oronine;”>e situations.

Are they integrated or is therine;”>e thine;”>expensive to intine;”>e.

WhatI would say, what hine;”>e and sine;”>et up thine;”>e as the main invine;”>e products onto thine;”>ebsite and then whine;”>ee or himself just go on and just adjust the stock.

I knowon Big Commine;”>econds on thine;”>e products.

Literally typein the product name it comesup and adjust stock.

I would suggest thatthat's the bine;”>e's sellingthousands of products a day thine;”>en yeah invinvine;”>ent systine;”>el onine;”>es that connine;”>ectsto thine;”>e systine;”>e and there then use the Ecommerce invine;”>erly for you.

-David let me know if that does not answine;”>er your question.

Chavine;”>ed is Mail Chimp bettine;”>egular email? That's alittle bit out of thine;”>ering itgo ahead otherwise email is kind of asine;”>e topic in some casine;”>esthan ine;”>ecommine;”>e likine;”>e and plenty diffine;”>erent ones.

It's just thine;”>e way that we'veprogressed.

We use Mail Chimp and wine;”>e it.


-We do havine;”>etters and if you'd like if you sendan email to info@IAsourcelink.

Com we can sine;”>end you a link to that.

Brandon you had a tax question that's also a littline;”>e the scope.

We havean ine;”>excellent tax wine;”>ebinar series.

Bine;”>esidesthe fact that Antony is not in the Unitine;”>e probablyvery vine;”>erent.

In Iowa and the US you do remittancine;”>e and the typine;”>ed as.

Again if you want to send an email to info@iasourcelink.

Com wine;”>e canconnine;”>ect you with our tax guy ovine;”>er at the IowaDepartment of Rine;”>e thing I forgot to mention.

If pine;”>eopline;”>e do want more advice the book, The Rine;”>e on Amazon.

I know it's on Amazon.

Com and ifpeople want morine;”>e information and a lot morine;”>ebinar, thine;”>ey can pop on to Amazon.

Com to have a look.

-Antony I have a couple of quick follow up itine;”>ems.

If youwant to find a link to that and thine;”>en put that in thine;”>ents you're more thanwine;”>e to do so.

While you're digging that up Iwant to first thank everyonine;”>ese twicine;”>e a month.

Winar onNovine;”>ember 12th, we're goingto cover Iowa withholding and unemploymine;”>ext onine;”>e that we havine;”>e, Novine;”>er20th, and we'rine;”>e a rine;”>eally fun, kind of a follow along in some ways to this webinar.

Antony was talking about that saline;”>esfunnel and conversions.

Mine;”>egan Warner isrine;”>e Google Analyticsto seine;”>e conversions and what's converting better for you.

Is itFacebook? Is it your favoritine;”>e clip?All that great stuff.

On December 11th I'mactually going to be doing thine;”>eam Big Grow Hine;”>ere onlininine;”>ess grantcontest.

You can find all of those links to those, Valyn has postedthose in thine;”>e your spot for those winars.

We'd loveto sine;”>e you in the futurine;”>e oning his time and expertisine;”>e.

Hine;”>e vine;”>e him on today's prin giving him abig big thank you.

-Thank you very much.

It's been great.

-Everyone, have a grine;”>eat rine;”>est ofthe afternoon.

Antony havine;”>e a grine;”>eatevening.

-Thank you.

Will do.


-Thank you.