Even though it was a civil war between WestPakistan and east Pakistan, many people consider this to be an India-Pakistan war.

Withoutgetting into the battle part of the war lets understand what role did India play in 1971Pakistani civil war? The word independent Bangladesh was used evenduring the partition of British Raj but due to majority of Bangladesh’s population beingMuslim, they were allegedly forced to join Pakistan.

The civil war basically sparkedafter east Pakistan based political party ‘awami league’ had won the 1970 elections.

On February 22, 1971 the generals in West Pakistan took a decision to crush the AwamiLeague and its supporters.

It was recognized from the beginning that a campaign of genocidewould be necessary to eradicate the threat.

According to an article by BBC, nobody knowsexactly how many civilians were killed, but certainly a huge number of people lost theirlives.

Independent researchers think that between 300,000 to 500,000 have lost theirlives.

The Bangladesh government however puts the figure at three million.

This genocidebrought fear in east Pakistan and millions fled to India as refugees.

Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India at the time, decided that it was more economicalto go to war against Pakistan rather than accepting more refugees.

War between Indiaand Pakistan began when the Pakistani Airforce attacked the Indian Airforce base, this actofficially started the third Indo-Pakistan war.

The Indian army later marched into eastPakistan and helped Bangladesh until finally getting their independence.

The war betweenIndia and Pakistan ended when Pakistani Lt.

general signed the instrument of surrenderin Dhaka According to another article by the BBC, regionaltensions were reduced by the Simla accord of 1972 and by Pakistan's recognition of Bangladeshin 1974.

The Shimla accord committed both sides to working through outstanding issuesbilaterally and through the mechanism of working groups.